Why Does An Auto Repair Shop Need A Website?

A survey by AAA found that “two out of three U.S. drivers do not trust auto repair shops in general – citing overcharges, recommendations for unnecessary services and poor past experiences for their lack of confidence.” The same survey found that younger generations are twice as likely than Baby Boomers to distrust auto repair facilities in general. Though this statistic may seem troublesome for auto shop owners, it can be easily remedied by meeting younger generations where they have a significant presence – online.

Though any small business benefits from having a robust online presence in the form of a website, such a presence is particularly helpful for the owners of auto repair shops. With customers – particularly younger ones – increasingly turning to the internet to search for parts and servicing, it’s important to ensure that you have a website which puts you at the forefront of the online marketplace.

Local auto shops have long relied on the recommendations of others to attract new customers, and according to a local consumer review survey, 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. An online presence makes it easier for satisfied customers to leave such positive personal recommendations, encouraging potential customers to visit your auto shop in the future.

In addition to helping you reach out to prospective customers, creating a website also helps you differentiate your business from the competition. Many local auto repair shops specialize in areas where chain auto shops and dealerships may only offer general services. Whether you focus on transmission work, specialize in certain makes and models, work exclusively on vintage vehicles, creating and maintaining a website allows you to define yourself and your services.

Because the range of automotive services often varies widely depending on the type of shop, many customers aren’t able to immediately distinguish between quick lubes, tire shops, repair shops, and other specialty shops. Creating a website allows you to simultaneously describe in detail what services you offer and reach out to customers who are seeking those specific services. By educating your customers in this way, you’re making them less wary of entering your shop and more likely to trust you, increasing the odds that they’ll return down the road.

With a website come benefits beyond customer outreach and distinguishing one’s business. Logistically, having a website can be a valuable tool as it provides your customers with a simple way to schedule an appointment at your shop. Reducing the amount of time you spend interfacing with potential customers will enable you to spend more time in the shop working on actual repairs, and less time on the phone.

The size and success of your business is ultimately up to you, and luckily there are many proactive steps that you as a small business owner can take to grow your business. Creating and maintaining a website for your auto shop is but one step that you can take to guarantee future growth and success in the coming years.

Is Your Shop In Need of a Site?

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