Why Does a Mobile-friendly Website Matter?

It is no surprise that recently, the number of mobile and smartphone users have surpassed those of computer users. What makes them even more popular is their portability, ease of use and other incredible features that are constantly being added to them.

With the increasing number of mobile phone owners, it is safe to claim that these people now tend to complete most of their work on their phones. This includes accessing the internet, making online searches and purchases etc. Thus, people’s dependability on mobiles and smartphones has increased the need for websites to become mobile-friendly.

If you are a business owner or candidate with a website of your own, mobile-friendly websites can bring on a new host of customers for you. 

What is a “Mobile-Friendly” Website?

In simple terms, websites that can easily be supported by mobile phones and similar devices like tablets, are called mobile-friendly websites. Owing to the growing number of cellphone users, this concept is now commonly used during website design. The idea is to make the website accessible from mobile phones in addition to typical desktop computers.


Percentage of all web traffic via a mobile device.

Source: Statista


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Why Do You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website?

A website that is not mobile-optimized is difficult to use on said gadgets. Often, when people try using them through these smart devices, they are denied access or the site refuses to function properly.

This obviously is detrimental to any business as you risk losing potential customers. Hence, mobile-friendly websites are now high in demand as they are easy to use, navigate and also supporting speedy downloads.

Here are a few more reasons why mobile-optimized websites are an integral element for any business.

Reason #1: Google’s policy
Google’s latest policy is that it favours mobile-friendly websites more compared to those supported only by computers. Thus, websites who do not offer such a facility get a lower rank in the search engine result pages, meaning they are less visible to customers.

However, those at the very topic receive a huge amount of traffic and more click-through rates which increases their chances of generating leads. Hence, to get a higher rank, we encourage all businesses to update their websites accordingly.

Reason #2: The vast use of mobiles
This you already know – mobiles are used in all parts of the world for every other purpose imaginable, especially conducting business. This particular task has now become so effortless and quick, that people naturally like to make use of this opportunity. Over half of all internet users use a mobile device when surfing the web.

Internet surfers nowadays like the swiftness and hassle-free procedure of communicating with companies. They also expect to carry out transactions without any delays. However, if you lack a mobile-friendly website, you will certainly miss out on this chance to snag customers because you will not be able to cater to them in the first place.

And need we mention again that majority of people on Earth are mobile users, meaning so are most of your consumers?

Reason #3: Pleasing customers
As it is with people, they expect every online page to be accessible through their phones. When you make that happen while also throwing good service and graphics into the mix, there is no way a customer will not be impressed.

Frankly, nobody wants to go through the ordeal of dealing with a malfunctioning page, no matter how great the products or services are. So, if you want to improve customer satisfaction so much so that your business booms, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for smartphones and such.

This will not only make your current buyers happy but also encourage them to promote your business to others!

Reason #4: To avoid losing customers to competitors
As mentioned in the previous point, good products and services will mean nothing if you cannot reach out to the majority of your customers. Which is why you need to invest in optimizing your website for mobiles and tablets.

Your biggest loss otherwise?

You lose potential clients to your competitors who, unlike you, could connect to these people through their own phone-friendly websites. At the same time, you could even come across as a backdated company when you do not offer such a facility. This will obviously put a stain on your reputation as a company.

Ready To Create Your Mobile-Optimized Website?

Now you understand why mobile-friendly websites are necessary for small businesses – even political campaigns need to adopt this strategy. Hence, to generate leads, increase sales, assure people that you are up-to-date, and give them great user experience, put mobile-optimized websites on the forefront of your agenda. Contact us today and let’s get started on your new site.


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