6 Ways to Make Your Grand Opening a Success

Opening a brick and mortar store is an extraordinary achievement, but it can also be very stressful. It’s important to make sure that you seamlessly combine the online world with the offline world so people can be very happy. With that in mind, here we created a list with tips that will help make your grand opening a success.

Tip #1:

Send a direct mail postcard to neighbors

Direct mail still works very well. It allows you to connect with people in the local area at an emotional level. Plus, it’s inexpensive and you get to target those people that live near the shop. They are the ones that will most likely shop from you very often. As a result, they are the perfect people to promote your business to, and it will help you immensely in the long run because of that. Reach out to us if you’d like help designing and mailing yours.

Tip #2:

Run a Facebook advertising campaign

Facebook has a lot of potential customers, and it’s a great place to promote your business. Create a comprehensive, unique advertising campaign and start targeting people in your area. It’s inexpensive and it will also bring in a whole lot of potential leads. It’s up to you and the deals you share in order to generate customers, but with the Facebook campaign you can draw in a lot of attention. Additionally, you get to grow your Facebook presence by getting more follows and likes.

Tip #3:

Create an email marketing campaign, starting with those you know

Acquiring email addresses is very important, since it will help you create a customer database you can connect with via newsletters. We recommend you to start with the people you know first, then encourage them to recommend your website to others. It’s a sure-fire way to acquire more leads and customers, and the results can be staggering. If you’re wondering what email service to use, we suggest MailChimp, which is free for the first 2,000 subscribers on your list.

Tip #4:

Offer something unique and tangible

If you want to encourage people to attend your grand opening, then it makes sense to offer something tangible and different. Maybe it can be a discount, free drinks or food, a giveaway or contest, anything that would make people to attend your event. Everyone loves contests and free stuff, so those are a great option. Think about unique, different ways to promote your business, such as sharing branded shirts or anything that makes sense for your business.

Tip #5:

Inform local news outlets

Staying in touch with the local news outlets and papers will help you obtain the much-needed local exposure. Ask them to write an article about your business if possible, some of them might even do it. The more exposure you get, the better. That’s why it makes sense to get in touch with news outlets or any local media.

Tip #6:

Make repeat customers

Try to generate repeat business as much as you can. Having a guest sign that will help build your email list will come in handy. You can also offer some loyalty cards that will offer limited-time offers and benefits if people buy from you again.


We recommend you to take your time and study these ideas, they can help make your grand opening a success. There will always be challenges that can arise, but if you do that wisely, nothing can stand in your way. Opening your own store brings amazing experiences, all you have to do is to implement these ideas and you will be very impressed with the results.

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