Why Your Small Business
Should Have a Twitter Account

We live in an era of great technological changes. For all small businesses, the question may arise: which social media should we make sure to be signed up for? More specifically, with new platforms emerging every day, you may question whether some of the old ones are still relevant. For example, should you get a Twitter account? In short, the answer is: yes. All small businesses should have a Twitter account; keep reading to find out why.

A Giant Outreach

Being one of the oldest and biggest social media platforms, Twitter can offer you outreach like no other social media platform can. Whereas Instagram is great for pictures and Facebook is useful to create a tight community, Twitter is a place where you can share quick, efficient news about your business to users. Twitter is great for that reason alone: it’s a pass time for many users who will mindlessly scroll through the website a few times a day, so you don’t want to miss out on the outreach that your business could have. With over 330 million monthly users, you have an excellent outreach possibility.Save to Library


Percentage of Americans
who are on Twitter.

Source: Pew Research


Percentage of people who feel more positively about a brand if they are responded to on Twitter.


Percentage of young Americans (aged 18-44) that use Twitter.

Source: Pew Research

An Advertisement Goldmine

Furthermore, Twitter allows you to advertise within your geographical area. You can use various kinds of material: from videos to links and pictures, you have a great choice. It’s also possible to use Hootsuite with Twitter, therefore making it easier for you to keep track of all your posts. Therefore, if you’re looking to advertise your small business’ products within your community, Twitter is the way to go. It’s a simple yet effective way to generate more leads and sales, and to increase your brand awareness through your slogans and logos.

Build a Strong Community

Twitter also offers something that others don’t: it is known as the best platform to go to in order to communicate with a business directly. Therefore, if your goal is to create a strong community, creating a Twitter account for your small business is an absolute must. This way, your clients and customers can reach out to you directly and hassle-free, something that is highly valuable. A great way to build such a community is by working on your customer engagement by creating polls, giveaways, or asking your followers direct questions. This also works well to create a big following which you can later use to increase your sales.

Build Your Brand

Finally, Twitter is a great option for any small business that is working hard towards creating a solid brand. Since you can create a profile with your logo and website, you are already getting new customers used to seeing this brand. Plus, by sharing authentic content and retweeting tweets that represent your business’ core values and mission, you can create a strong brand and build credibility. Your followers will want to see the tweets you retweet and will start to better understand what your company stands for; that’s a great way to personify your business and to connect with your customers!

So, what are you waiting for?

Create a Twitter account for your small business today and reap the benefits now!

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