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The printed collateral that your business or campaign produces is not just a simple extension of your brand – it’s an introduction to the level of professionalism a potential customer or voter can expect from you. Whether it’s a direct mail piece, a palm card, a business card, event flyer, or something else, Naumann Consulting can assist and at an affordable rate.

You may be wondering if direct mail still has a place in the digital age – and it’s a valid question. Thankfully, people far smarter than us have applied science to the issue, and found that direct mail has a 20% higher motvational response and takes 21% less cognitive effort to process. This means it is more persuasive and easier to understand and memorize.

Naumann Consulting has produced award-winning direct mail pieces that have been seen by millions across the United States. We can also help find you an affordable printer and mail house to ensure that your piece arrives on time and to the people you want it to. Reach out to use today to see how we can assist, or take a look at some of our work below.

Sage at Naumann Consulting designed direct mail pieces for my 2016 run for school board. His expertise was absolutely essential to my victory. I highly recommend his services to other candidates and would be happy to use him again in the future.

Micah Grant, Board Member, Natomas School District

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Sage with Naumann Consulting is great. Responsive, creative, and fast. Has helped on multiple design projects and we’ve always been happy with the finished product.

Travis Allen, California State Assemblyman (former)

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