Political Direct Mail

With the rise of social media and technology’s role in the political realm, the demise of direct political mail was predicted, but alas, direct mail today is still an essential part to any campaign hoping for success on election day.¬†Political mail was the driving force in both the 2012 and 2014 elections, and this year will be no different. You can’t scroll past a piece of campaign literature in your hand – you’re almost forced to consider its contents.

Naumann Consulting can help your campaign design political mail pieces that are captivating to your targeted voter, and will help assist you in conveying a message with strength and creativity. By balancing typography with graphics, and keeping in mind correct contrasting colors and fonts, we’ve been able to assist dozens of campaigns win their elections with effectively designed direct mail.

We will also assist you in connecting with a printing house that can help mail our design at the lowest rates possible. We know that your campaign doesn’t stand for fiscal irresponsibility, and neither do we! By only¬†assisting Republican candidates for office and conservative causes, we invest more than our time and effort into each piece – we invest our future. We believe that helping elect Republicans across the nation, even if its hundreds (or thousands) of miles from us in Southern California, will help preserve the principles this nation was founded upon.

Campaign Literature and Collateral

Yard Signs
Business Cards
Rally Signs

Whether it’s lawn signs, stickers, brochures, or event flyers, Naumann Consulting can design the print materials your campaign needs to look professional and serious to voters, potential donors, and future volunteers. Don’t let a bad design give somebody the impression you’re not serious about the campaign you’re running. A small investment into great branding will go a long way in proving that your campaign is ready, able, and willing to win.