Labeled a “useful idiot” by some and “a rising star” by others, Sage Naumann is a Denver-based political professional, graphic designer, amateur film photographer, web consultant, cigar aficionado, vaper, and video gamer.  Raised in Carlsbad, California, Sage, his wife Sara, and their cat Groucho, moved to Denver where Sage works in the Colorado State Capitol as the Digitial Communications Director for the Colorado Senate Republicans.

Completely self-taught and proud of it, Sage is ready to work with you to enhance your candidate, company, or organization’s online presence and printed materials to reflect your excellence. 

SageAndSara380Previously, Sage served as the Digital Manager, Digital Director, Deputy Executive Director, and finally as Executive Director of the Republican Party of San Diego County from 2015 to 2017. Under Sage’s leadership, the Party saw a dramatic increase in Facebook following, from 24,625 to 44,660 likes. Additionally, Sage managed all email messaging and database growth, leading to a 100% increase in subscribers.

If you’re a candidate, you’ll be happy to know that Sage has been there as well. As a candidate for the Carlsbad School Board in 2014, Sage exposed real corruption within the board when calling out Kelli Moors vote to approve a contract with a law firm, and suddenly resigning from the board twelve days later to take a job with the same firm. The San Diego Union Tribune investigated, alongside the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and it was found that Miss Moors accepted the job offer twenty-four hours before casting the vote. She was fined $4,000. Sage’s bid for the Carlsbad School Board garnered over 6,400 votes, falling just 372 votes short of defeating an incumbent. He was just nineteen years old.

Sage has also been a board member of the North County Republican Coalition, alongside a Delegate to the California Republican Party.

Also involved in his community, Sage has been a board member of the Carlsbad Fire Department Foundation and a past member of the City of Carlsbad Beach Preservation Committee. Sage currently sits as a board member for the HOPS Foundation.

One of Sage’s greatest sources of inspiration is his brother, Dylan, who was born with cerebral palsy. Through personal experience with different special education programs in different districts, Sage has continually advocated for the rights and resources for those who are special needs at every level of government. Sage is also passionate about substance abuse and addiction programs, as both his parents are alcoholics. Sage’s mother, Tamara, passed away from the disease in 2015 at just 44 years old, while his father now has over a decade of sobriety.